Employees are the crew members that work for your store and those that you'd like to schedule and time-keep through Busy Bunny. This section will illustrate how to view and modify employee information.

Viewing Employees

  1. Click the Store icon [] and then Employees [] to view all employees under your Company.
  2. Employees are sorted in alphabetical order by first name.

Filtering Employees

Employees can be viewed in the following ways:

  • By Site - Sorted by site.  Employees assigned to more than one site will be shown under each site to which they are assigned. Employees that are not assigned to a site will not be shown.
  • By Employee - Sorted by Active (assigned to a site) vs. Inactive (not assigned to a site) employees.
  • By Position - Sorted by position.  Employees assigned to more than one position will be shown under each position to which they are assigned.  Employees that are not assigned to a position will not be shown.

 Note: If you have multiple sites that use the same position titles, positions may appear duplicated when viewing employees By Position.  Positions by the same name are still unique to each site and therefore will be listed separately in this view.

Adding Employees

As a complete solution that interacts with employees seamlessly, there are a few methods to add a new Employee that works best for your business.

  • To see full details, please follow the instructions at Add Employees.

Modify Employee Information

To modify employee information:

  1. Select an employee to edit.
  2. Click Edit to modify their information and work details.

Once the employee is selected you can edit the following details:

Basic information 

These are basic details of the employee:

  • Name - This is the name of the employee and changes to the name are only visible in the Manager app.
  • Email - This is the email of the employee and is set by the employee through the Employee app.
  • Phone - This is the phone number of the employee and is set by the employee through the Employee app.
  • Address - This is the address of thee employee and changes to the address are only visible in the Manager app.


This is the site assignment for this employee, where you can select the site the employee is working. 


Positions represent the role the employee holds at the site. A good example is "Cashier" at a supermarket.

This allows you to assign you employees to appropriate Positions.

  • Click here for more information regarding Positions and how to manage them.

Start Date

This is the date the employee has joined the company.

Hourly Wage

Hourly wage is the hourly pay rate for your employee.

To set a wage,

  1. Click to edit the wage
  2. Add a pay rate by click on the + icon [] on the top right at the Hourly Wage screen
  3. Add following information 
    • Hourly Wage - This is the regular pay rate of the employee per hour
    • Start Date - This is the effective date of this pay rate. This particularly important during raises and pay rate changes since reports and calculations will use this date to give an accurate total.
    • Select Save

Deleting an Employee

To delete an employee

  1. Select the employee
  2. Select Edit at the top right corner
  3. Select Delete to delete the employee
  4. Select Delete again to confirm

 Once an employee is deleted, the employee can not be recovered so please confirm before deleting.

 Note: Even though an employee is deleted, their work record will still be preserved for any reports covering the period the employee has worked.