When you initially registered, you entered a Company name.  Your Company can also be your site but if you have more than one site, they can exist within your company.

Busy Bunny Manager defines "Site" (or Store) as the location where your employees work (such as your bakery) and the "Company" is the company that owns or oversees the Sites.


  • Company - Gadget Enterprises, LLC
    • Sites A - Gadget's Coffee Malibu
    • Sites B - Gadget's Coffee Hollywood

Company Information

Company and Site details are managed separately within the app.

To view or modify company information:

  1. Select the Store icon at the bottom navigation []
  2. Select Company []
  3. Select within any field to make changes
  4. Select Save
  5. A unique QR code will be displayed along with your Company ID beneath the company details