The ability to add comments to reported incidents not only allows you and your employees to keep a detailed history of the incident but also allows you to verify issue resolution.   

Add an Incident Comment

To add additional details to a incident:

    1. Select a reported incident
    2. Select + Add Comment to add additional details to the issue
    3. Select Upload Image to add images to reported incidents
    4. Click Save

    Use the comments to:

    • Communicate incident updates
    • Provide additional pictures 
    • Save relevant contact information
    • Upload photos to verify issue resolution

      User Permissions - Who can:  

    • Report an incident - Managers / All Employees
    • Add comments to reported incidents -  Managers / All Employees 
    • Delete or edit reported incidents - Managers / Incident owner (employee that submitted the incident)

      Having notification enabled for incidents allows you to get notified immediately when an issue is reported.