This section will illustrate how to create, and modify Positions within the Busy Bunny Manager application.

Positions are assigned to employees and based on the roles they hold at your site(s).

For example:

  • If you own a cafe, you may have the following positions: Cashier, Dish Washer, Manager, Shift Supervisor, Cook
  • If you own a garage, you may have the following positions:  Manager, Service Technician, Customer Service Representative
  • If you own a medical practice, you may have the following positions:  Office Manager, RN, Clerical Assistant

Regardless of your site's structure, you will have the ability to create any number of Positions that can then be assigned to your employees.  When assigned, position assignments will be reflected throughout the application and when scheduling. 

Manage and create Positions 

  1. Go to Settings [  ] on the bottom navigation
  2. Go to  Positions [  ] 

The top part of the screen will show the list of your sites, and the bottom will list the positions currently set up for the selected site.

Create Positions

Positions can be created for each Site under your Company.

To create a position:

  1. Click on Site that you want to create a position for.
  2. Click the + icon [  ] on the top right corner of Position header.
  3. Enter Position name
  4. Click Confirm

  Repeat the steps by selecting the appropriate Site if you have more than one Site.

Edit Positions

To edit a position (e.g. Host/Hostess to Greeter):

  1. Select the Site.
  2. Click the Position you want to edit
  3. Click within the field to make your changes
  4. Click Save when done