Within the Site settings, you can configure your employee settings to make your store operations more efficient and keep track of more details of your employee's shift.

 To see more information on setting up sites, please see full details at Site Management.

To access the employee settings for your site:

  1. Select Settings on the bottom navigation [  ]
  2. Select Sites []
  3. Select the Site to view or modify settings for
  4. In the bottom pane you will see the section titled Employee

Clock In/Out Settings

These settings allow a manager to establish employee rules related to clocking in and out.

 This feature is available when the employee uses the free Busy Bunny Employee app. To find out more about the Busy Bunny Employee app, see details at Employee App.


This is to configure the which employees you settings will apply to. The default is all employees but you can choose a select number of employees to apply the settings.

Clock In and Clock Out

Employees can indicate when they start and end their shift by clocking in/out through the Busy Bunny Employee app. However to enforce the schedule set, you can configure how early and late they are able to clock in/out, establishing the allowed window for your employee to begin/end their shift. This is useful to ensure your employee do not show up late or leave their shift early.

You are able to set before and after for both beginning and the end of the shift.

Here's an example:

If you set

  • Schedule: 9am - 2pm
  • Clock In: 30 minutes before and 15 minutes after
  • Clock Out: 10 minutes before and 30 minutes after

This means the employee can:

  • Clock in between 8:30am and 9:15am

  • Clock out between 1:50pm and 2:30pm

 If the employee missed the window to clock in/out, their clock in/out will sent an approval request to the Manager app, where you can accept that start or end time. In the same example above, if the employee is late and attempts to clock in at 9:30am (the window allowed them until 9:15am), a notification will be sent to the Manager app asking for approval.

  You have the option to make clock in/out acceptance required for all employees or select employees.  If you want to adjust the requirement for who must clock in/out, you will need to make those changes at the end of the day and before opening the next day to ensure that your reporting is not adversely impacted.

Match to Schedule

Match to schedule matches the clock in and out time with the schedule time when logging the start and end of the shift. 

With this option enabled, when your employee clocks in or out, the time time will automatically be recorded to the scheduled time. 

As an example, if the scheduled start time was 8am but the employee clocks in at 8:12am, it will still be recorded as 8am.

This is especially helpful when the pay is already set for the employee as a daily pay and you are not keeping track of the exact times.

 Even though the recorded time will be matched to the schedule, the employee must still clock in/out and the allowed window to clock in/out is enforced.

Track Breaks

Breaks are any time of rest and break time that the employee takes in the middle of their shift. It can include a short break or a lunch time or any type of rest period that you have set for your employees.

If enabled, employees can use the Busy Bunny Employee app to indicate that they are going on breaks and when the return. 

Employee Acceptance

This feature allows you to choose what parts you'd like your employees to accept/agree.


If enabled, new and edited shift schedules need to be accepted by the employee through the Employee app.

Here's the typical work flow with this feature enabled:

Manager creates a shift

Notification goes to the Employee app

Employee accepts schedule

Schedule is finalized

Edit Time Card

If enabled, any changes to the time card will require the Employee to approve before the changes are finalized. This is especially useful to ensure any changes in their work hours are agreed by both you and your employee.

Employee completes shift

Manager edits time card

Notification goes to the Employee app

Employee approves time card change

Change is finalized