You've added your employees to the system, and configured your settings. You're ready to begin scheduling!

To create a schedule:

Go to your site by selecting the Home icon [] in the bottom navigation.

  1. From any schedule view, click the plus (+) icon [  ] on the top right of the screen
  2. Select an employee
  3. Select the date for your shift
    • By default a single day selector window will appear.
    • To select multiple dates, simply click the additional days on the calendar that you want to apply the shift to
      • You may select up to 10 days at a time
  4. Select the start and end times of the shift.
  5. Click SAVE to complete.
 Important: If Employee Acceptance is enabled, scheduled shifts will reflect a Pending status on the schedule until the employee has accepted the request through the Busy Bunny Employee app. To find out more, please see details on Busy Bunny Employee app

Additional Information

When scheduling a shift, totals will be reflected at the bottom based on the shift start and end time.  

Reflects the total time for the individual shift scheduled.

Reflects the employees' total pay for that shift.