When unexpected issues arise, you can report them to management in real-time through Busy Bunny.  

Report an Incident

To report an incident:

  1. Select the incident icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select the plus icon 
  3. Enter a title (e.g. broken tile, leaky faucet, product issue, customer complaint, etc.)
  4. Enter incident details
  5. Select who should see the incident (All employees or Manager)
  6. Select a store by clicking on the Store name
  7. Select the incident date (current date will be displayed)
  8. Set the incident time (when the issue occurred or when it was discovered)
  9. Click Save

Edit an Incident

You can edit reported incidents to make changes and/or to add additional details.  

To edit an incident:

  1. Select a reported incident
  2. To make edits to reported information:
    • Select Edit
    • Make desired changes
    • Click Save
  3. To add additional details to a reported incident:
    • Select a reported incident
    • Select + Add Comment to add additional details to the issue
    • Select Upload Image to add images to reported incidents
    • Click Save

      User Permissions - Who can:  

    • Report an incident - Managers / All Employees
    • Add comments to reported incidents -  Managers / All Employees 
    • Delete or edit reported incidents - Managers / Incident owner (employee that submitted the incident)