When an assigned task is completed, it can be submitted by the employee or the manager.  Additional details including an image upload can be added to a task's log by any member of the team using Busy Bunny Employee.  Managers will also have the ability to reassign and/or change task status at any time.  

This article will illustrate how to complete and manage task activity within Busy Bunny Manager. 

  Employees will have a very similar interface and experience with the goal for them to complete and log details on tasks that are assigned to them.

Complete a Task

  1. Select a task from the task list
  2. Task details will be displayed within the details field
  3. Task Status - select Completed (default is set to Pending until changed)
  4. Task Log - Select + Add Task Log to enter additional details and/or to upload an image
  5. Select Save

  A manager can change the status of any task at any time.  For example, if a Manager is dissatisfied with an employee's submission of a completed work, the Manager can change the task status to "pending" and reassign the task to someone else.  

  You can also select the more options icon [] to  create a new task, delete the current task or change the task status.  Click here for more information regarding task management.