Store Management allows you to set up and manage the structure of your scheduling and task management activities.

Within Store Management, you will have the ability to create and manage:  

  • Sites - the location where your employees work (such as your bakery)
  • Employees - the crew members that work at your site
  • Positions - the role that your team members have in your site (e.g. Manager, Supervisor, etc.)
  • Task - those items you want completed at your site (e.g. Lobby Sweep, Inventory, etc.)
  • Company - your account details.  Keep in mind that a site is the location where your employees work while the "company" is the company that owns or oversees the sites
    • Company - Gadget Enterprises, LLC
      • Site A - Gadget's Coffee Malibu
      • Site B - Gadget's Coffee Hollywood
  • Pay Rules - give a Manager the ability to configure any rules that affect actual pay including break time, overtime pay, holiday pay and night pay.

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