As you operate your business, you will encounter unexpected issues.  That's simply a part of a running a business.  Issues are often unforeseen and can occur at any time. 

Providing your employees with an easy and direct way to report those issues allows you to improve communication among your team and increase customer confidence in your ability to effectively resolve issues. 

Event Management 

Busy Bunny's Event Management feature allows team members to easily report events to management in real-time.  What makes the event management feature so efficient is how easy it is for you and your employees to communicate issues through the solution. 

Relevant details, including images, can be captured and communicated right away,  From the instant an issue is reported to the instant it is resolved, you will have a record of all reported activity related to that event at your fingertips.  

Event Logs 

Event logs help to communicate activities related to the recorded events that occur, and give context to the steps that are taken to address, resolve or validate event activities.

Event logs report names, entry times and any additional details that are submitted.  

Accessing Events

  1. Select the event icon within the bottom navigation
  2. The events view defaults to the current calendar week
    •   If events have been reported within this timeframe, they will appear within your list
    • Select the  calendar icon to change the date range
  3. Select the  location icon to filter events by site (if you have more than one site)
  4. Select theplus icon to create an event
  5. Select an event to view the event details
  6. Select + Add Comment to add additional details to a submission; or
  7. Select Edit to edit event details (only Manager and event reporter can edit event details)

  Note the following process flow for accessing an event and entering a comment (log).  Event details and logs can be edited at any time, and there is no limit to the number of logs that can be added to an event.  

  User Permissions - Who can:  

  • Report an event - Managers / All Employees
  • Add comments to reported events -  Managers / All Employees 
  • Delete or edit reported events - Managers / event owners (employee that submitted the event)

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