This section will illustrate the purposes of, and how to configure, your General Settings

 General Settings

General settings allow you to manage settings related to Week Start Day, Date Format, Language preferences and Temperature Unit preference. 

To access General settings:

  1. Select the settings icon  within the bottom navigation of the app
  2. Select  General
  3. Select any setting within the screen to change it

 Week Start Day

  • Select the day of the week that your business starts on, as this will impact start day for schedules and weekly reports

 Default to last used period

  • When this setting is OFF  and the app is restarted, the default setting is enabled which shows values for the last 30 days 
  • When this setting is ON  the application will remember the last set period and display those values when the app is restarted 

 Date Format

  • This format will be reflected throughout the application where the date is displayed


  • This setting impacts what you see for language throughout the application 

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