Pay Rules give a Manager the ability to configure any rules that affect actual pay including overtime pay, holiday pay, weekly allowances, and more.  

  Note that these settings are configurations designed to help you get a more accurate labor cost calculation and should not be used solely for compliance purposes.  Our system will not automatically set nor recommend these settings and it's up to management ensure labor laws and regulations are followed.

To configure these settings

  1. Select the more options icon  at the bottom right navigation
  2. Select  Store Management
  3. Select  Pay Rules to configure pay rules settings

  The pay rule settings that you establish here will be applied to ALL of your sites.  This is especially helpful when  there are government regulations, such as overtime labor laws, that apply to all sites within your network.

Break Time

Break Time rules allow a Manager to configure Break Time Pay preferences. 

  1. Select Break Time
  2. Enable Break Time Pay to indicate that employees are paid even when they are on break
  3. Enable Break Unpaid to exclude or include break times into the pay calculation
  4. Select Rules to specify how often breaks must be taken within s scheduled period of time 
    • You'll be able to configure up-to 3 rules (examples below):
      • For every 8 hours of work, 1 hour of break is given
      • For every 4 hours of work, 30 mins of break is given


Overtime rules allow a manager to configure overtime rule preferences. 

Once enabled you will have the option to configure Overtime Pay for 1 Day, 1 Week or as an Extra Pay %:   

These rules represent your standard in hours:  

  1. Select 1 Day to enter standard work hours for 1 day (e.g. 8 hrs)
  2. Select 1 Week to enter standard work hours for 1 week (e.g. 40 hrs)
  3. Select Extra Pay % to enter the value which represents how much more you pay when an employees gets overtime (e.g. 50%)
A typical example is:
  • 1 Day = 8 hours
  • 1 Week = 40 hours
  • Extra Pay % = 50%
This means that if the employee works over 8 hours in a day or over 40 hours in a week, they are paid 50% more (1.5 time) of regular pay for the time beyond the set daily and weekly limit.

Holiday Pay 

Holiday Pay rules allow a Manager to configure Holiday Pay preferences.

Once enabled:

  1. Select Holidays to select those dates that this rule should be applied
  2. Select Extra Pay % to enter the percentage of the employees total pay to be added when they work a Holiday shift

Night Pay

Night Pay rules allow a Manager to configure Night Pay preferences. 

Once enabled:

  1. Select Night Period Start to define the start time of a night period
  2. Select Night Period End to define the end time of a night period
  3. Select Extra Pay % to enter the percentage of the employees total pay to be added when they work a night shift
A typical example is:
  • Night Period Start = 10pm
  • Night Period End = 6am
  • Extra Pay % = 50%
This means any hours worked between 10pm and 6am will get extra 50% (1.5 times) regular pay.

Weekly Allowance

Certain regional labor law provides weekly allowances to give additional bonus pay based on hours worked.

If your business is subject to this, these settings can help you properly calculate for the weekly allowance.

Once enabled:

  1. Select Applicable to set the minimum weekly hours to apply this rule
  2. Select Standard Hrs for 1 Day to define standard hours for one day (e.g. 8 hrs)
  3. Select Standard Hrs for 1 Week to define standard hours for one week (e.g. 40 hrs)
  4. Select Extra Pay % to enter the extra percentage per hour to meet the Weekly Allowance requirement


Below is an example of how a weekly allowance is calculated.

Assuming the below settings:
  • Applicable = 15 hours and above per week
  • Standard Weekly Hrs = 40 hours
  • Standard Daily Hrs = 8 hours
  • Hourly rate = $10
  • Extra Pay = 0% (based on standard pay)
An eligible employee that works 18 hours for that week the extra pay is
= [ (hrs worked) / (wk standard) ] x (day standard) x (hrly rate)
= ( 18 / 40 ) x 8 x $10
= $36

Need additional help?

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