Busy Bunny Manager is designed to make scheduling straightforward and easy!  When you log into Busy Bunny Manager, your dashboard will provide you with an overview of the daily schedule for your store(s).   

With just one click from the dashboard, you can navigate to your site to begin scheduling your team.  

Busy Bunny Manager is intended to help streamline the process of scheduling your team and managing changes in real time, regardless of where you are.  You will be able to view and create schedules, make edits, process requests and so much more within the manager app.  

  While the process for creating and managing a schedule is straightforward, we encourage you to check out some recommended best practices listed at the bottom of this page.

Let's Start Scheduling!

Within Schedule Management, we will show you how to*:

*Click on a topic above to navigate to the applicable training guide.  

 Best Practices - Before you get started...

  • Employees - Create your employees and enter their pay rates, so that wage calculations are immediately available as you begin scheduling.  Once entered, you'll be given different options for inviting employees to connect to your store 
  • Settings - Enable and configure your application settings.  Settings allow you to configure scheduling preferences; such as clock in/out thresholds, break rules, employee acceptance of schedules and/or time card edits, schedule visibility, shift swaps, etc.
  • Employee App - Have your employees download the FREE Busy Bunny Employee app so that they can connect to your company.  Doing so will give them immediate access to see anything you send them while giving them the ability to communicate things like unavailability, task completion, incidents, etc.  

Need additional help?

Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Phone:  818.303.4166 
Email:  support@skimcorp.com