This section will provide a description of each report currently available within the Manager application.  

Click the calendar icon    within any of our reports to adjust date ranges.  

Click the export icon    where available to export the report to a csv file or to save it as a PDF.

Time Card Report

The Time Card report provides a per site, per employee recap of total time worked and break times for the date range selected.

Schedule Report

Schedule report provides the scheduled time and total for any employee.

Pay Report

The Pay Report provides an aggregated view of Daily, Weekly and Monthly pay with comparative data to track trend over time.  

  • For more information on Pay Report, see details at Pay Report

Break Report

The Break Report provides break time totals, by employee.  Select an employee from this report to view additional break information.

Pay Calculator

The Pay Calculator allows you to calculate true cost by accounting for various additional costs like overtime, holiday pay etc.

  • For more information on Pay Calculator, see details at Pay Calculator
  • For more information about configuring pay rules, see details at Pay Rule Settings

Task Report

The Task Report allows you to view the status of all assigned tasks within your network of stores.

Employee Activity

The Employee Activity Report allows you to view the activity of all, or a specific, employee(s) for all sites within within your network.  Activity refers to employee information updates, scheduling adds, and scheduling changes, 

Employee Registration

The Employee Registration Report allows you to view pending and completed employee registrations (connections to your company)

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