Time Card Report 

Knowing when your employees actually worked allows you to keep a closer eye on labor costs.  Busy Bunny's time card report provides a summary of actual shift times for your employee(s).  

  If you have enabled Clock In/Out capability and the employee is using the Busy Bunny Employee app to clock in/out, the actual times will be captured and reported based on those times. Otherwise, the time card times will reflect the shift schedule times.

To run Time Card reports

  1. Select the more options icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Reports 
  3. Select Time Card
  4. Select an employee to view time card information for
  5. Select a shift to view additional details or to make changes
  6. The totals at the bottom of the report reflect:  
    •  Total break time
    •   Total hours worked 

Edit Time Card

There may be times when you need to make edits to an employee's time card (e.g. they forget to clock in or out).  When you need to edit a recorded time card, select an employee shift and then Edit.

  If you have Employee Approval enabled, editing the time card will require the employee to approve the time change. For more information, see details at Employee Settings. 

You will notice that when the change is pending employee approval, the shift will be indicated in blue.

  Changes to time card can occur at any time after an employee has clocked in or out for a shift. 

Need additional help?

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