When you log into your account for the first time, you will notice that questions have been pre-populated for you.  These questions, and the associated categories, make up the basis for Review Kitty's NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating based on our proprietary algorithm, which allows you to predict future growth.  

However, you will be able to edit these questions and/or create additional questions at any time.  

This article will take you through the following question management functions:

  • Overview
  • QR Code 
  • Adding Questions
  • Modifying Questions

  Click here for more information about NPS scoring.


To access questions:

  1. Click the Settings  icon 
  2. Select the Question   icon
  3. Select a site
  4. This will provide you with access to your QR code and question information

QR code 

Customer can use their smart phone to scan a QR code at the point of their experience to submit feedback that immediately relays issues and customer satisfaction results, including the brand's NPS score, to the Managers App.  Any "place" where customers interact with a product and/or service provides an opportunity for them to submit feedback.

You will be able to download the QR code to print for placement or send the link directly to the customer via an QR code URL.  

Click the download [  ] icon to download the QR code; or click the URL link to copy and paste the link.

Creating New Questions

To create a new question:

  1. Click the Settings  icon 
  2. Select the Question   icon
  3. Select a site
  4. Click the edit [  ] icon to the right of Question
  5. Select + New Question 
  6. Enter question details
  7. Create a category name
    • Defaults to "Other Question"
  8. Click Save 

Modifying Questions

You can edit a question at any time.  Updates will be reflected immediately and will be visible to the customer when they next scan your QR code.  Please note that although you can edit the pre-populated questions, you cannot, and should not, delete them.  You can however, modify or delete additional questions that you create.  

To modify an existing question:

  1. Click the Settings  icon 
  2. Select the Question   icon
  3. Select the desired site
  4. Click the edit [  ] icon to the right of Question
  5. Click the edit [] icon to the right of the question you wish to edit
  6. Make your desired edits
    • You can also adjust the category name at this time by click on the product name
  7. Click Save

  You can reorder questions at anytime by selecting and holding on the question for a couple of seconds.  The question will then hover so that you can move it up or down within the list.

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