Busy Bunny Employee is a FREE mobile app for all employees. 

It provides employees with access to work schedules while also giving them with the ability to clock in and out of scheduled shifts, communicate task activity, report incidents and more, directly from their mobile device.

Busy Bunny Employee is designed to empower your employees with tools that allow them to:  

  • View shift schedules
  • Accept and deny shift requests
  • Manage unavailability
  • Clock in and out for shifts 
  • Take and end breaks
  • Complete and communicate task activity
  • Report incidents as they happen
  • View historical details and reports 

Inviting Your Employees

There are a couple of easy ways to get your employees to use the Busy Bunny Employee app to take advantage of the features for you, your employees and your business. 

Option 1: Download directly

Your employees can download directly from mobile store app by searching for "Busy Bunny Employee".

If you select this method, the employee will need to navigate to their Company settings to initiate a request to join to your company. 

They will have the option to join:

  • Using their Employee ID (which can be scanned by the Manager), or
  • By adding the company ID (which must be obtained by the Manager)

Option 2: Send them an invite

This option allows you to set up your employees ahead of time and with just a few clicks, send them an invite to connect directly to your company. 

  1. Select the more options icon  at the bottom navigation 
  2. Select  Store 
  3. Select  Employees 
  4. Select an employee to invite
  5. When the employee information is displayed, select Employee App to send an invitation to the employee to connect to your company
    • You will be given several options for how you want to share a unique link associated with that employee*
    • Once the employee is connected to your company, the Employee App option will no longer appear within their employee record 

  *For security purposes the links sent to your employees are only valid for 48 hours.  Don't worry if more than 48 hours have passed; you can re-send the invite as many times as needed.  Once the employee is connected to your company, the Employee App link will go away.  

Need additional help?

Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Phone:  818.303.4166 
Email:  support@skimcorp.com