A manager will have several options for viewing and interacting with a schedule.  The ability to view the schedule in multiple ways allows you to plan ahead, while the ability to interact with it allows you to navigate unforeseen schedule disruptions in real time.  

To access employee schedules, click on the home icon  in the bottom navigation.


Top Navigation

  •  Switch between Sites
  •  Select Daily, Weekly or Monthly View
  •  Access Saved Schedules
  •  Add a New Shift
  •  Select Date
  •  Change between Portrait and Landscape View

Bottom Totals

  •  Total number of employees scheduled
  • Total hours scheduled 
  •   Total number of tasks assigned 
  •  Total wage based on the schedule 

  • Total number of unfinalized schedules for the selected date range.  Select this field to expand it for additional details

Schedule Views

Daily View

This view reflects the current day's schedule allowing you to view coverage and costs for a single day. Click scheduled employees to view their shift details, including any edits.

Click the rotate icon  or rotate your phone to view the daily schedule in a bar format to view your shift coverage for the day.

Weekly View

The weekly view provides the daily schedule per employee for the weekly range showing.  This is a helpful view to see the entire week in a sequential timeline.

Monthly View

The monthly view provides a daily total for hours scheduled for the month.

  • Selecting an empty day allows you add a new shift
  • Selecting a scheduled day will open the daily details
  • Any day that require your attention, such as an approval that is needed, is indicate in red.

Shift Status Indicator

As you view your daily and weekly schedule, there are indicators help you quickly identify the status of each shift.


Weekly ViewDescription of Indicator

Request pending is for any items that is awaiting either you attention or your employees attention. This can be for a new shift request to requests from the employee asking for unscheduled clock in/out.

This indicates your employee that has completed the shift. You can click on this employee to see the actual time card details.

This indicates that your employee is currently clocked in and working.

This indicates that your employee is currently on a break.

  You can edit a schedule at any time from within any of these views by selecting the employee and then clicking Edit Schedule.  For more information on editing a schedule, see details on Edit a Schedule.  Keep in mind that if the employee has already started their shift, you will be making edits to their time card. 

View Timeline

Within an employee schedule, you will have the ability to view a timeline of activity once the shift has ended.  Timeline activity allows you to view when your employees clock in and out for their shift(s), as well as when they take breaks and completed tasks.  

To view timeline activity for a specific schedule:

  1. Select a site from your dashboard  and then the date iconto adjust your date range
  2. Navigate to the completed schedule you wish to view activity for
  3. Select View Timeline

  Timeline activity can only be viewed when a schedule is completed.

Need additional help?

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