You can't create a schedule within employees!  

We provide a number of options when it comes to adding employees to the system; each of which comes with its own timing saving benefits but the same end result.  

This article will take you through the various options for adding employees to the app.

  Remind your employees to download the FREE Busy Bunny Employee app so they can access schedules, time cards, and assigned tasks. Your employees will also be able to clock in and out for assigned shifts, report incidents as they happen, and more.  If they download the app first, they can simply request to join your company, saving you even more time in the setup process!

Adding Employees

Adding employees is simple. 

To add an employee:  

  1. Select the more options icon  at the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Store Management
  3. Select .Employees
  4. Select the plus icon  at the top right navigation
    • You will then be given a few easy options (see below) to add an employee

Add Manually

Adding an employee manually allows you to begin scheduling them right away. The value of this method is that you don't have to wait for the employee to register to begin building a schedule.

To add employees manually: 

  1. Select Add Manually from the options to add an employee
  2. Enter Employee Name
  3. Enter Start Date
  4. Enter Hourly Wage
  5. Select Add

  Note that employees created manually will not have access to view their schedule until they download the Busy Bunny Employee app. For more information on the Employee app, please follow the instruction as Busy Bunny Employee app.

Add by Company ID

Your site is part of the company that you set up during registration, and you are assigned a unique Company ID, that your employee can enter using Busy Bunny Employee app to join the Company. The value of using  Company ID is that the employee does most of the work.  You simply provide them your Company ID and accept their request to join.

  1. Select Add by Company ID
  2. The Company ID will be shown along with a QR code

  3. You can present this information to your employee to scan or enter using the Busy Bunny Employee app
  4. Once the employee scans or enters this code within their Employee app, you will receive a notification with a request for that employee to join your company
  5. Select Accept to accept the request
    • If you select Deny to the request, the employee will not be connected to your company

      Important Reminder:  If the employee uses the company ID to connect, they will not be automatically added as soon as they scan your QR code.  You will receive an immediate notification that you allows you to approve the request for the employee to be added to your company.  As soon as you approve this request, you will see the employee's record appear within your employee list.  

    Add by Employee ID

    Just like the Company ID, each employee is assigned unique Employee ID when they register on the Employee App. The value of using Employee ID is that you simply enter (or scan) their Employee ID and the employe information is set up in your account, ready to be scheduled.

    1. Select Add by Employee ID
      • Employee ID can be obtained from the employee via the Busy Bunny employee app
      • Enter the employee ID provided to you 
      • Select Confirm 
    2. Select Scan the QR Code to scan the code presented by the employee
      • Note that the employee is not immediately connected after you scan their code 
    3. The employee will receive an immediate notification to approve the request
    4. Once the employee approves the request, they will appear within the Manager app's employee list
      Important:  If you elect to add employees by ID, they will not be automatically added as soon as you enter their ID number.  Instead, the employee will receive an immediate notification that allows them to approve the request to be added to your company.  As soon as they approve this request, you will see the employee's record appear within your employee list. 

    That's it!

    Once the employee is connected to your company, you can begin scheduling and running reports based off of those shifts.

    A few recommendations and notes:

      Make sure to assign the employee to a site to be able to schedule shifts for that site.  This only applies to those accounts that have more than one site.  If you have more than one site, added employees will appear within an "unassigned" section of your employee list until they are assigned to a site.  

      There are many settings related to your scheduling and notification rules. Click here for more information about Settings.

    Need additional help?

    Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

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