Notifications allow a Manager to be alerted, and in some cases take action, regarding employee activity for the site(s) to which they are assigned.

All notifications occur in real-time, as soon as an activity takes place. 

Notification Types

When you register, notifications are automatically enabled but can be disabled at any time.  

If enabled, a list of all available notifications types will appear within the notification settings screen. 

If disabled, the list will be hidden.  

Notification types will alert a Manager to

  • Approvals - Schedule related activity that has been processed by the employee
    • Schedule related activity refers to new employee shifts, shift changes, and time card updates
    • If clock in/out thresholds have been established, you may also receive approval requests for any clock ins/outs that occur outside of the thresholds you've set  
  • Break In/Out - When an employee clocks in and out for breaks
  • Clock In/Out - When an employee clocks in and out for scheduled shifts
  • Task Completed -  When an assigned task has been completed
    • A task is a specific job that needs to be done as part of daily operations
  • Task Log Added - When a comment has been added to an existing event
  • Event Comment Added - When an event occurs.  Events can range from:   
    • Known (e.g. record food prep yields, record temperatures for refrigerated units, etc.); to 
    • Unknown (e.g. equipment failure, customer complaint, etc.) 
  • Event Log Added - When a comment has been added to an existing event 

  These features are available to employees using the FREE Busy Bunny Employee app.  To find out more about the Busy Bunny Employee app, see details at Employee App.

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