This article will illustrate report interaction and will provide a brief description of each report currently available within the Review Kitty application.  

Report Interaction

Click the calendar icon [  ] within any of our reports to adjust date ranges.  

Click the filter icon [  ] within any of our reports to filter results by various segments.

Click the rotate icon [  ] to rotate the screen per viewing preference.

  • Click any plot point on the graph to view specific metrics

  • Rotate your device or click the rotate icon [  ] to change your view from vertical to horizontal
  • Zoom in or out by pressing the graph with your fingers to expand or contract the view


Period Report

The Period Report provides an aggregate of NPS and category scores across an extended period of time.

Submission Report

The Submission Report allows you to view individual submissions and filter those views for specific types of feedback.

Site Comparison

The Site Comparison report provides a site by site breakdown of NPS and average category scores so that you can compare site performance across all of your sites at one time. 

FGI Analysis

The FGI Analysis report allows you to quickly identify areas of strength and opportunity based on customer feedback.

Detractor Analysis

The Detractor Analysis allows you to quickly identify the reason(s) for customer dissatisfaction.