The Detractor Analysis report looks at all submissions that resulted in a detractor score based on a negative review.  This report allows a company to quickly identify their largest issue across all sites at one time.

To run the Detractor Analysis report:

  1. Go to Reports [  ] in the bottom navigation
  2. Click on 

Navigating the Report

This report reflects the total number of submissions and compares it to the number of submissions that resulted in a negative score.  The report is broken out by Product, Service and Recommend categories and can be filtered by site. 


  • Click the calendar icon [  ] to adjust date ranges

  • Click  to filter the report by site
  • Click to rotate the chart to a horizontal view

  The below report immediately highlights that Service is the primary issue, contributing to 35% of negative feedback received.  It is important to identify those issues that are driving your customers so that you have the opportunity to address them as they arise.