This section will take you through the process of how to enable and configure your Busy Bunny Manager settings. 

Each setting has a dedication training guide.  See below for a brief description of each and click on a topic for more information.

Setting Options

  • General - Allows you to manage settings related to Week Start Day, Date Format, Time Format, Default reporting view, and Region preferences. 
  • Personal - Allows you to manage personal information and password information
  • Notification - Allows you to enable notifications regarding Approvals, Clock Ins/Outs, and Break Tracking
  • Company - Site information is managed within the Company settings and allows you to manage site specific information and employee rules for the site
  • Employees - Allows you to manage employee information such as pay rate, and position
  • Positions - Allows you to create and manage positions, per site, that can be assigned to your employees
  • Pay Rules - Allows you to enable and configure pay rules related to Break Time, Overtime, Holiday Pay, Night Pay and Weekly Allowance

Additional Information

  • Announcements - Provides you with updates from our team regarding application information
  • Version Information - Allows you to view the version of the application you are using

Accessing Settings

To access settings:

  1. Select the more options icon  in the bottom navigation.
  2. Select Settings

Need additional help?

Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Phone:  818.303.4166