When an assigned task is completed, it can be submitted by the employee or the manager.  Additional details including an image upload can be added to a task's log by any member of the team using Busy Bunny Employee.  Managers will also have the ability to reassign and/or change task status at any time.  

This article will illustrate how to complete and manage task activity within Busy Bunny Manager. 

  Employees will have a very similar interface and experience with the goal for them to complete and log details on tasks that are assigned to them.

Complete a Task

  1. Select a task from the task list
  2. Task details will be displayed within the details field
  3. The employee will have the option to enter additional details as well as the ability to upload images via a Task Log
    • A task log allows your employees to document the work they have done and provide visual proof for verification 
    • Select + Add Task Log to enter additional details and/or to upload an image
  4. Select Task Status to change the status
    • Pending:  Default setting and indicates that work needs to be done 
    • Completed:  Indicates that work has been completed 
  5. Once you select Completed, you will be asked to confirm your selection
  6. Once you select Confirm, the status will automatically update to reflect a completed status

  A manager can change the status of any task at any time.  For example, if a Manager is dissatisfied with an employee's submission of a completed work, the Manager can change the task status to "pending" and reassign the task to someone else.  

  Select the plus icon  at any time to create a new task, delete a current task or change a task status.  Click here for more information regarding task management.

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