The Employee Activity report allows you to view activity for all, or specific, employee(s) within your network.  Activity refers to employee record updates, scheduling adds, and scheduling changes.  

This information is helpful because it keeps you informed of the type of activity occurring in your site(s) and how frequently it occurs. For example, as a Manager, you may have concerns around the number of scheduling changes you see come through.  This report allows you to explore that behavior in more detail, and by employee, so that you can quickly identify potential patterns that may need to be addressed.  

Employee Activity Report

To run the Employee Activity report:

  1. Navigate to More Options  in the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Reports
  3. Select Employee Activity Report
    • The report will be sorted by site (if you have more than one) and in order of most, to least, recent activity for the selected date range
    •  Click on  All Employees to filter the report by a specific employee
    • Click on the    calendar icon to adjust your date range
    • Click on the    export icon to export the report to a cvs file or to save it as a PDF 

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