Pending Action

Pending actions within the app refers to items that come from Busy Bunny Manager and they require your attention to complete.  

For example, when a new shift is assigned to you, you'd need to accept that request to finalize that shift as part of your work schedule.

To access pending requests, simply select the  pending action icon within the top navigation of your  schedule dashboard.  

 Active pending items:  requires action, such as: 

  • Request for you to join (connect) a store
  • New and updated schedule(s)
  • Edits to recorded time card(s) for your approval
  • Request(s) to swap shifts

     No pending items:  no pending requests 

    From the pending actions report, select a pending request to complete it.  Whether you accept or reject a schedule, you must process the request to complete it.   

    Select Completed from the pending action screen to view all completed request details.  

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