Your Schedule in Your Hands

Busy Bunny Employee is a FREE mobile app for ALL employees, regardless of employment type (e.g. full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal). 

Busy Bunny Employee puts schedule management in the palm your (the employee's) hand.  Beyond the ability to manage your own schedules, and work related activities, you can also calculate your pay, access dedicated employee reports, set savings goals, and track your progress against the goals you set. 

Not only that, you can connect directly to any employers using Busy Bunny Manager, to receive schedules, clock in and out of scheduled shifts, report task activity, and communicate events, all directly from your mobile device.

Get connected in seconds!

Getting connecting is quick and easy.  Simply download the app and register.  That's it!  As soon as you log in, you will be guided through the quick and easy set up wizard so that you can begin using the app right away!  

Why use Busy Bunny Employee app?

Busy Bunny Employee app is specifically built for you, the employee, to make it easier to work your scheduled shifts. Whether you work at multiple jobs or at a single site, you will have all you need to manage your shifts, tasks, events, pay calculations, savings goals, progress, and more, directly from your mobile device.  

Schedule Management Made Easy

  • See real-time schedules including any changes that are made
  • Have the ability to accept and reject shift requests
  • Clock in and out of your shifts directly from your phone
  • Integrate to your personal calendar
  • Access reports that allow you to view schedule activities (e.g. hours worked, hours scheduled, pay calculations)


  • Set your availability 
  • Manage availability for multiple sites 
  • Set notifications to be alerted of specific schedule activities (e.g. shift reminders)


  • View assigned tasks or create tasks of your own
  • Report completed task activity with the ability to include work details and uploaded photos
  • Create your own tasks to improve work place efficiencies 
  • Keep event logs that get reported directly to management
  • Set notifications to be alerted when tasks are assigned to you

Pay Calculations

  • View automatic pay calculations based on your rate of pay
  • Ability to calculate pay based on various pay scenarios (e.g. overtime, holiday pay, etc.) 
  • View payroll reports 
  • Establish a savings goal and calculate how much time it will take you to achieve it 

Ready to get started?

Again, this app is FREE.  Download it today to start maximizing work efficiency!  If you are ready, click here for the Getting Started help document which provides an overview of the app's main feature sets along with next steps for getting started.