When you initially registered (signed up) with Busy Bunny Manager, you had to enter a company name.  

Company Information

Busy Bunny Manager defines "company" as the corporate entity that owns a "site", (the place of business).


  • Company - Gadget Enterprises, LLC
    • Site 1 - Gadget's Coffee Malibu
    • Site 2 - Gadget's Coffee Hollywood
    • Site 3 - Gadget's & Gizmo's Hollywood 

Accessing Company Information

To access company information: 

  1. Select the  more options icon at the bottom navigation 
  2. Select  Store Management
  3. Select  Company
  4. The name, phone, address and company ID (with QR code) will be displayed
    • Company ID is unique to the registered user and cannot be changed 

Edit Company Information 

To view or modify company information:

  1. Select any field to the right of name, address, and/or phone number to make changes 
  2. Select Save
    • Saved changes will be automatically reflected

      Company and site details are managed separately within the app.  Click here for more information regarding site management.

    Need additional help?

    Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

    Phone:  818.303.4166 
    Email:  support@skimcorp.com