A Task Library contains the list of common tasks.  Tasks are jobs that need to be completed.  When you create a task, within Busy Bunny Manager you will have the option to save it to your Task Library.   

The creation of a task library means you don't have to re-enter the same details each time you want to assign a frequently occurring task. 

These tasks can be further organized into categories for your reference.

For example, I might create and assign the common task of "Lobby Sweep" to a team member and organize it under the category of "Cleaning" within task management.  

Setting Up Your Library

While you can immediately being creating and assigning tasks to your team by selecting the task icon  in the bottom navigation, we recommend that you first create a library of common tasks.  Doing so will save you time and bring additional efficiencies to your daily operations.    

To Create Your Task Library

  1. Select more options  in the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Store Management
  3. Select  Task
  4. You will see two options:   Task Category and  Task Library
  5. Select  Category to access your category list (how you want common tasks organized)
    • Select the plus icon  to create a category
    • Enter category name 
    • Select Save
    • The new category will appear within your category list 
    • You can assign a category to any task you create; not just to common tasks 
  6. Select Task Library to create a common task (the work that needs to be done)
    • If there is a task that occurs more than once, we recommend creating it here and adding details to outline what you want done
    • You can even upload images to illustrate your expectations
    • Select the plus icon  to create a common task
    • Enter task name, task details and assign a category (if created)
    • Select Save
    • The new task will appear within your common tasks list 

Task Examples

Tasks can be as specific or general as you want, and there is no limit the number of tasks you can create.  Here are a few examples of common tasks and how they could be organized within your library:

Take temperature logOpening Duties
Stock toppings barOpening Duties
Install new POPMarketing
Sanitize guest areaOpening Duties
Sweep lobby floorOpening Duties
Record nightly deposit Finance
Restock bathroom suppliesClosing Duties

Managing Your Task Library

There is no limit to the number of common tasks or task categories that can be created within your account.  

To manage your task library: 

  • Navigate to  Store Management within the bottom navigation
  • Select   Task
  • Select your preference ( Task Library or  Task Category) to add, delete or modify names and/or details
  • Select Save
  • Your changes/additions will appear right away

    Need additional help?

    Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

    Phone:  818.303.4166 
    Email:  support@skimcorp.com