When you schedule your team, labor costs will automatically populate if pay rates have been established for each of your employees. 

Various scenarios can impact those costs (e.g. Overtime, Holiday Pay, Night shifts, etc.) and the ability to see that impact allows you to make adjustments if necessary, which in turn gives you more control over labor costs.

Pay Calculator 

The Pay calculator allows you to account for any additional pay your employees are entitled to, based on the pay settings that you have established.  

Using overtime as an example, let's assume that the manager enables overtime pay and establishes the rule that anything outside of an 8 hour shift qualifies for overtime pay, and then sets the overtime rate to 1.5x the employee's base pay.

Based on this configuration, if Anne makes $15/hr, her overtime rate becomes $22.50/hr for any time worked beyond an 8 hour shift.  

The Pay Calculator allows a manager to view base pay and the impact to it based on these types of scenarios.

Pay Calculator Interaction 

To access the pay calculator:  

  1. Select the more options icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Reports
  3. Select Pay Calculator
  4. Select the calendar icon  to adjust the date range
  5. Select All Employees to filter by employee
  6. Base pay will be displayed for the selected date range
  7. Within this report, you will be able to view total pay that can either  include or  exclude the following categories:
    • Overtime Pay
    • Holiday Pay
    • Night Pay
    • Allowance
  8. Total pay updates based on the categories that are enabled

  Click here for more information on Pay Settings.

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