The Employee Registration report allows you to view pending and completed employee registrations, or "connections" to your company.  

  • Pending requests represent invites that have been sent to employee(s) but have not yet been completed; and 
  • Completed requests represent those employees that are now connected to your company

Once an employee is connected to your company, you can begin scheduling them right away.  The registration report is helpful when needing to identify any pending, or outstanding, registrations that you may need to follow up on.

  Remember:  If you sent a registration invite to an employee, the link is only active for 48 hours. If the employee does not register within that time, you will need to send another invite.  Click here for more information on Adding Employees.

Employee Registration Report

To run the Employee Registration report:

  1. Navigate to More Options  in the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Reports
  3. Select Employee Registration Report
    • The report defaults to show any pending registrations.  If there are none, you will only see the option to view completed registrations
    • Selected Completed to navigate to completed registrations 
      • Completed registrations will be sorted from most to least current 
    • You will also have the option to add employees from this report by clicking on the plus icon  in the top right navigation 

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