The ability to add comments to reported events not only allows for more effective communication amongst the team, but it also provides a quick and easy method for verifying operational activities along with resolution for any issues that may have been reported.   

Use the comments to:

  • Communicate updates
  • Submit mages 
  • Save relevant contact information
  • Verify resolution

The following article will outline how to add a comment to a reported event.   

Add an Event Comment

To add additional details to a reported event:

    1. Select the event icon within the bottom navigation
    2. Select an event to view additional event details 

    3. Select + Add Comment to add additional details to the event
      • Within comments you can choose to select Upload Image to add images to reported events
      • You must enter a comment for each image you upload
      • There are no limits to the number of comments that can be add or images that can be uploaded
    4. Select Save

    All saved comments will be reflected within the event log.  

    Additional comments can be added at any time.  

    Need to make changes to a submitted event? 

    Click here for more information.   

      User Permissions - Who can:  

    • Report an event - Managers / All Employees
    • Add comments to reported events -  Managers / All Employees 
    • Delete or edit reported events - Managers / Event owner (employee that reported the event)

      Having notification enabled for events ensure that you get notified immediately when an event is reported.

    Need additional help?

    Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

    Phone:  818.303.4166