Managing individual site settings is made easy with Busy Bunny's Store Management feature. 

Site settings refers to those settings that impact employee information, position assignments, task management activities and pay rules. 

Store Management

Each site within your network operates with its own set of rules based on the settings that have been established for each site.  

Company Structure 

When you register (sign-up) with Busy Bunny Manager, we recommend that you configure site settings for your business before you begin scheduling. 

When configuring site settings, its important to note the following distinctions:

  •  Company refers to your business entity (e.g. Gadget Enterprises, LLC; etc...)
    •   Sites refers to the locations that exist within your company
      • Company = Gadget Enterprises, LLC
        • Site 1 = Gadget's Coffee Malibu
        • Site 2 = Gadget's Coffee Hollywood
        • Site 3 = Gadget's & Gizmo's Hollywood 
      • If you are a single site owner, the company and site name can be the same
      • There is no limit to the number of sites that can be added to your company 
  •  Employees refers to the crew members that work at your site(s)
    • Employees can be assigned to a single site or multiple sites

  • Positions refers to the job titles you want to use for your employees (e.g. Manager, Shift Supervisor, Team Member, Cook, Hostess, etc.) 
  •   Task refers to those jobs that occur more than once or on a frequent basis
    • Having a library of common tasks and task categories set up will save you time during the task assignment process 
  • Pay Rules refers to the rules that affect actual pay (e.g. Overtime, Holiday Pay, etc.) 

    Managing Store Settings

    To manage store settings:

    1. Select the more option icon  in the bottom navigation
    2. Select  Store Management
    3. Select a setting to establish your preferences
      • Select a topic below for additional information regarding that setting: 
        • Sites - View/modify site information and configure scheduling behavior rules such as enforced clock ins/outs, confirmation of schedules, time card edit approvals, etc.... 
        • Employees - add and manage employee information and assign to them to your site(s)
        • Positions - create and manage position titles
        • Task - create a library of common tasks and task categories
        • Company - view company name, company ID and company QR code
        • Pay Rules - configure rules that affect actual pay including break time, overtime pay, holiday pay and night pay

        Need additional help?

        Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

        Phone:  818.303.4166