This help document will provide the step-by-step instructions to connect your POS Vault account to Pegasus Reports, which is also known as app integration. , App integration essentially allows one system to work with another.

In this case, it allows your POS Vault system to talk to our Pegasus Reports app so that we can produce and deliver meaningful analytics to your mobile device.  

The following connection information is required to connect and can be found within your Square POS account:  

  • Client ID
  • Secret Key

The steps for obtaining this information and entering it into Pegasus Reports is outlined below.  Once the required information is entered into the app, a set of historical data will immediately start downloading to your device so that analytics based on historical sales are immediately available to view.

  Worried about Security?  We've got you covered!  Click here for additional information on how we keep your data safe.  

Accessing your POS Vault Information

Log into your POS Vault account:

  1. Select  Admin within the menu navigation pane 
  2. Select 
  3. Select the site you want to connect to Pegasus Reports
  4. API Key information will be displayed
    • If API information is not displayed, select Generate a New API Key to generate this information
  5. Copy the Client ID (to be pasted within Pegasus Reports)
  6. Copy the Secret Key (to be pasted within Pegasus Reports)

Get Connected to Pegasus Reports

    Once you have accessed your Square connection credentials, you'll log into Pegasus reports to enter the information within:

    • Select the more options icon  within the bottom navigation
    • Select  Sites
    • Select the site you want to connect Pegasus Reports to
    • Select Set up within the POS Integration field 

    From here:

    1. Select POS Vault from the POS Integration screen
    2. Enter the Client ID within the field to the right of Client ID
    3. Enter the Secret Key within the field below Secret Key
    4. Select Save

      Quick Tip:  Copy and paste saves you time!  For example, if you're using a laptop to access your POS Vault account, you can copy the credentials from your account and send them in a mobile message to yourself so that you can quickly and easily paste them into Pegasus Reports.  

    Once these two pieces of connection information have been entered into Pegasus Reports, initial data will download and you will immediately be able to view your sales information within Pegasus Reports.