Thank you for choosing Review Kitty as a solution for your business!

Getting started with Review Kitty is easy!  This article will give you a quick introduction of the Review Kitty app including:

  • Onsite Installation - First Steps
  • QR Code Preparation & Placement
  • Customer Review Submission Process

  Make sure you've already downloaded the app!  

Review Kitty Introduction

Customer can use their smart phone to scan a QR code at the point of their experience to submit feedback that immediately relays issues and customer satisfaction results, including the brand's NPS score, to the Managers App.  

Onsite Installation - First Steps

Where Can Customers Leave Reviews?

Any "place" where customers interact with a product and/or service provides an opportunity for them to submit feedback. 

Consider places that are universally used by customers, such as restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, public transportation, public institutions, etc. 

Within each of these places exists a number of areas wherein customers can leave a review. 

Use of QR codes

Review Kitty leverages the use of QR codes to garner customer feedback that is communicated back in real-time.  This article will outline the use of QR codes and QR code sticker placement.  

Review Kitty provides an easy and simple way to get reviews.  It's all in the palm of your hand as soon as you register!

  • QR code:  When you register, a unique QR code and URL link are created for you. To access the QR code, you will need to navigate to the question management section within  Settings 
  • QR code sticker production:  Once you've accessed your QR code you can download it at any time to print as you see fit 

QR Code Sticker Placement

With the quick scan of a QR code, customers can submit feedback without complicated, time-consuming steps. 

Prior to the installation of your QR codes, it's important to consider each aspect of a customer's guest experience. 

This allows you to identify the ideal placement of stickers throughout your business. The QR code should be attached to the location(s) used by customers within the relevant areas.

  BEFORE you attach your stickers, scan the QR code sticker you printed to test your connection to the service.

Attaching QR Code Sticker

We recommend the following best practices when attaching stickers:

  • Check the position of the sticker to attach.  Stickers can be attached to various places, such as tables, doors, checkout counters, toilets, etc.
  • Wipe it clean after checking that there is no foreign substance in the attachment position.
  • Attach the QR code sticker to the surface area(s). Stickers should be placed on surface area(s) that are clean and smooth.

  When working with vendors to print your QR codes, we recommend using waterproof materials to preserve stickers that may be exposed to repeated cleaning.  

Review Submission Process

Review Kitty provides customers a quick and easy method for reporting issues and providing feedback.  The submission process takes less than 10 seconds and does not require the customer to download any apps.  This section will illustrate how customers submit reviews.

The submission process is quick and easy!  Customers will leave a review by following these simple steps:

  1. Scan the QR code sticker using the mobile phone QR code scanning function
  2. Rate the experience in just a few clicks and then click 
  3. Optional – Click  to leave a comment
  4. Enter a comment and then select 

  What's Next?
Check out our Manager app section which outlines the log in and registration process for new users and sites.  

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