The Site Comparison report provides a site by site breakdown of NPS and average rating category scores so that you can compare site performance across all your sites at one time. 

This is useful when trying to identify which sites are doing well against those that are under performing.

 Site Comparison Report

The Site Comparison report is structured to provide you with site totals for NPS and average rating categories and includes location and companywide totals so that you can compare values against each other.

To run the Site Comparison report:

  1. Select the reports icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Site Comparison 
  3. Select the calendar icon  to change the date(s)
  4. Select the filter icon  to filter the report by Site, Location, or Tag 
  5. Select  to view NPS scores by site 
  6. Select   to view product category scores by site 
  7. Select  to view service category scores by site
  8. Select  to view the recommend category scores by site 
  9. Select  to view other category scores by site 
    • "Other" represents additional custom questions that can be added to your review at any time 

      Comparison Key takes current scores and compares them to scores for:

    • LW = Last Week
    • LM = Last Month

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