Notification is the feed that allows you to view individual customer submissions.  Submissions are delivered in real time and the application allows you to adjust your alerts based on score thresholds.  

To view submissions:

  • Click the notification icon [  ] on the bottom navigation 
  • The feed will reflect all customer submissions received to date with the most current submissions at the top

  • Click any submission to view additional details

  • Click the more options icon [  ] to Mark all as read

  When a new customer review is received, the notification icon will change

Notification Settings

You can set thresholds for the type of notifications you wish to receive.  You will be alerted per your notification preferences.

To update notification settings:

  1. Go to Settings by clicking on the settings icon [  ]on the bottom navigation
  2. Click 

  3. (Optional) Establish a threshold for notifications when positive feedback is received
  4. (Optional) Establish a threshold for notifications when negative feedback is received