This section will take you through the process of how to enable and configure your Review Kitty settings. 


Review Kitty settings allow a user to manage personal information, notification preferences, additional integrations, and more.

Each setting referenced below, has a dedicated training article to assist you in establishing your preferences. 

  Select a topic below to access additional information regarding that setting.  

Setting Preferences

To access Settings:
  1. Select the settings icon  within the bottom navigation 
  2. Select the following:  
    •  General - Manage settings related to Week Start Day, Date Format, Default reporting view, and Region preferences 
    •  Personal - Manage personal information and password information
    •  Site - Manage site information, and location and tag assignments 
    •  Question - Manage the questions that will appear when customers scan your QR code(s)
    •  Location - Manage location names and site assignments for the locations you create
    •  Tag - Manage tag names and site assignments for the tags you create 
    •  Notification - Enable notifications and set notification thresholds 
    •  Account - Manage your Review Kitty subscription
    •  Help - Select this icon where visible to navigate to Review Kitty help articles 
    •  Suggestions or Bugs - Submit suggestions or report bugs directly to the Review Kitty support team
    •   Version Information - View the version of the application you are using
    •  Announcements - Access updates from our support team regarding application information
    •  Agreement - Access our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy information 
    •  Log Out - Select this option to log out of the application 

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