Tags are key words used to describe specific site attributes.  You might use tags to describe location demographics (e.g. University, Movie Theater, Shopping Center) or service provided (e.g. To-Go, Delivery, Dine In).  

This article will take you through:

  • Creating Tags
  • Assigning Tags


The use of tags allows a manager to compare and analyze data based on a variety of filters based on the tags created.

Creating Tags

To create a tag

  1. Navigate to Settings   and click Tag
  2. Click the more options icon [  ] and Add a Tag
  3. Enter tag name and click Submit

  There is no limit to the number of tags you can create and assign to a site.  

Assigning Tags

There are two ways to assign tags.  

To assign a tag to a single site:

  1. From Settings
  2. Click Sites
  3. Select the site you wish to assign tags to
  4. Click the edit icon [  ] to the right of Tag
  5. Check the tag(s) to assign and then Confirm

 If a location hasn't been created when you go to assign a site, you can do so at that time by clicking .  You will be prompted to enter a name and confirm so that you can assign it to the site. 

To assign a tag to multiple sites at one time:

  1. From Settings [] click Tag
  2. Select the tag you wish to assign
  3. Click the tag icon [] to the right of Assigned Sites
  4. Check the sites to assign and then Confirm