Net Promoter Score (NPS) determines your brand promoters and detractors to provide a quantitative score that allows you to predict future growth. Review Kitty's proprietary algorithm uses key variables to calculate a more accurate NPS score.  

This article will review:

  • Net Promoter Score 
  • Dashboard 
  • Average NPS
  • Average Rating

Net Promoter Score

To submit feedback customers rate their experience across specific categories (Product, Service, and Recommend).  These ratings generate a site's NPS to predict long-term growth for your brand.  NPS is scored between -100 and +100, where (+) indicates growth of your site while (-) indicates you are losing your customers.

Dashboard View

The dashboard is made up of: 

  • Recent Submissions - reflects the total number of submission for the current day, last 7 days, and last 30 days 
  • Average NPS - reflects the average NPS for all locations in one place
  • Average Rating - reflects the category averages for all locations in one place

Dashboard Functions

Review Kitty provides you the ability to adjust dates and filter reporting throughout the application.

  • Select the calendar icon  within any of our reports to adjust date ranges
  • Select the filter icon  to filter by category

Reports will be immediately updated to reflect your selection(s).  The ability to modify date ranges allows you to analyze your business by various time periods, while the ability to filter allows you to analyze your data in a variety of ways.  

  There will also be opportunities to filter reporting based on assigned locations.  Click here to check out our Site Management article for more information on applying locations to sites.  

Average NPS

Reflects the average NPS for all sites (within your account) in one place.

NPS Totals by Site

Select the Average NPS score from the dashboard to view NPS ratings by site.

NPS Details by Site

From the NPS site breakdown select a site to view additional details via the Submission report.  

Average Rating

Reflects the category averages for all sites in one place.

  •  Product refers to the customer purchase
  •  Service refers to the customer experience
  •  Recommend refers to the likelihood that the customer would recommend your business to others 

Average Rating by Site

Select any area within the Average Rating chart to view category totals by site, as shown below in the below Review report. 

Average Rating Details by Site

From the Review report, select a site to view additional details via the Submission report.  

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