The Submission Report allows you to view individual customer submissions and filter those views for specific types of feedback. 

This is useful when trying to identify and address potentials issues within your business.

 Submission Report

While navigating the report you will have several options for interacting with the data.  

To run the Submission Report:

  1. Select the reports icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Submission Report
  3. Select the calendar icon  to change the date(s)
  4. Select the location icon  to select a different site to view
  5. Select the detractor icon  to view those submissions that resulted in a detractor score (or negative review)
  6. Select the promoter icon  to view those submissions that resulted in a promotor score (or positive review)
  7. Select the pen icon  to view those submissions that have comments
  8. Select the filter icon  to filter the report by Product scores, Service scores and/or Recommend scores

  9. Select a submission to view additional details 

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