The FGI (Future Growth Index) Analysis report compares current ProductService and Recommend scores to historical data over time to show trend. 

This report allows a company to quickly identify categorical areas of strength and/or weakness based on your customer's feedback. 

FGI Analysis Report

The FGI Analysis report is structured to provide you with Product, Service, and Recommend scores for all sites in one place. 

The report can be filtered to view scores based on negative reviews, positive reviews, or both.  

To run the FGI Analysis report:

  1. Select the reports icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select  FGI Analysis 
  3. Select the calendar icon to change the date(s)
  4. Select the location icon  to select a different site to view
  5. Toggle between Promoter, Detractor, or All to view the applicable scores for the selected date range  
    • Detractor provides the detractor score based on negative reviews
    • Promoter provides the promoter score based on positive reviews
    • All provides all scores based on both positive and negative reviews 


  In the below example, the user has clicked to view category scores that resulted in negative feedback.  The below report immediately highlights Product as the primary issue across all sites, meaning that customers were most dissatisfied with the product they purchased.  It also compares the current scores to historical data to reflect trend over time.

  Comparison Key takes current scores and compares them to scores for:

  • LW = Last Week
  • LM = Last Month

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