The Period Report provides an aggregate view of NPS and category scores for all sites, in one place.  

 Period Report

While navigating the report you will have several options for interacting with the data.  

To run the Period Report:

  1. Select the reports icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Period Report 
  3. Select the calendar icon  to change the date(s)
  4. Select the filter icon  to filter by SiteLocation, or Tag 
  5. Select the location icon  to select a different site to view
  6. Toggle between NPS, Score and Other to view the following averages for the selected date range  
    • NPS provides the average net promoter score for all sites
    • Score provides the average rating score broken out by category for all sites
    • Other provides the average rating based on custom questions for all sites
  When viewing a the Period Report, select any value beneath the graph to view site comparisons within the selected category.  In the example below, the user is viewing NPS ratings over the last year and selects the date of *** to view the NPS site breakdown for that period of time.

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