Subscriptions allow you to manage your account so that you can continue to enjoy unlimited access to Review Kitty.  


You will be notified when you are nearing the end of your subscription so that you have plenty of time to renew and enjoy uninterrupted access to the Review Kitty application. 

Renew/Extend Subscription

To renew or extend your subscription:  

  1. Select the settings icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Account
    • Account details provide you with information related to your account, such as registration date, account status, subscription expiration date, etc.
  3. Select Subscription to view your account details
    • You will have the option to select a subscription based on the number of sites you have.
      In-app subscriptions are automatically billed once you subscribe, but you can be cancelled or changed at anytime. 

  4. Select the subscription based on the number of sites you are currently connected to

  Experiencing a change in your mobile device?  In the event you change your mobile device (we support iOS and Android), simply select Restore Subscription at the bottom of the Account subscription page to restore your account details on the new device.

 Do delete your account, simply remove the app to remove any data stored on your phone. To remove all your information including your app data, saved reports, user information from our cloud system, email us at, and our team will permanently removed all information including your user information. For more details on our privacy policy refer to:

Need additional help?

If you need additional assistance in the subscription process, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Phone:  818.303.4166