Your "site" represents your place of business.  Whether you own a restaurant, laundry mat, gym, boutique, etc., any place of business you own can be set up as a unique site within Busy Bunny Manager.  

This article will take you through the process of how to add sites to your company and establishing employee rules for each site that you set up. 

Site Structure

Before you begin adding or modifying site information, please note the following distinctions. 

When you initially registered (signed up) with Busy Bunny Manager, you had to enter a company name.  

Busy Bunny Manager defines "company" as the corporate entity that owns a "site" (the place of business).


  • Company - Gadget Enterprises, LLC
    • Site 1 - Gadget's Coffee Malibu
    • Site 2 - Gadget's Coffee Hollywood
    • Site 3 - Gadget's & Gizmo's Hollywood 

    Company Information

    Company and site details are managed separately within the app, and can be viewed or modified at any time.  

    Click here for more information regarding company information.  

    Site Management

    You will be able to configure employee and site settings independently of each other, to ensure that you can enforce different rules for each of your businesses.

    Remember, if you have only one site, you do not need to add a site.  You can simply select My Site to edit the default name of the site that was created when you registered for an account.  

    Accessing Site Information 

    To access site information: 

    1. Select the more options icon  within the bottom navigation
    2. Select  Store 
    3. Select  Company
    4. Any   sites previously created will be listed below company information 

    Add a Site

    To add a new site:

    1. Select the  plus icon at the top right navigation
    2. Enter the Name, Site Number, and Address  of the site
    3. Select Save
    4. The new Site will appear within your site list, below company information
      • Once you have finished adding sites, you can begin configuring settings for each

    Modify Site Information

    Within site information, you can view or modify the name, number and address of the business.

    To view or modify site information:

    1. Select the desired site
    2. Select edit icon   to the right of any field to enter or modify site details
    3. Navigate  back to the site settings to continue making changes


    Within each site, there are a number of settings that allow you to dictate scheduling behaviors for that site.

    This section will describe those settings in more detail and will guide you through how to enable and modify them.

     Some of the features below are available when the employee uses the free Busy Bunny Employee app. To find out more about the Busy Bunny Employee app, see details at Employee App.

    • Number of Employees - View employees that are currently assigned to this store. Employees must be assigned to a Site in order to schedule them for a shift at that Site.
    • Clock In/Out - Allows a manager to establish settings for clocking in/out
      • Employees - Select all or specific employees to apply these settings
      • Clock In - Set the allowed time frame for clock in (e.g. 15 minutes before shift start time)
      • Clock Out - Set the allowed time frame to clock out (e.g. 30 mins after the end time)
      • Match to Schedule - If enabled, clocking in and out will simply set the clock in/out time to the scheduled time. This is especially useful when the pay is agreed and you are not tracking specific clock in/out times
      • Track Breaks - This will let your employees to start and breaks on the Busy Bunny Employee app and record those times
    • Employee Acceptance - Configure what your employee will be have the ability to accept
      • Schedule - If enabled, new and edited shift schedules need to be accepted by the employee through the Employee app
      • Edit Time Card - If enabled, any changes to the time card will require the Employee to approve before the changes are finalized. This is especially useful to ensure any changes in their work hours are agreed by both you and your employee
    • Employee Schedules Visibility - If enabled, employees that are connected to your site using the Busy Bunny Employee app, will be able to see all finalized employee schedules 
    • (Coming Soon!) Allow Shift Swaps - If enabled, employees will have the ability to request shift swaps with one another  
      • Additional settings will allow you to automate the selection process for employees or enable employees to select their own request recipients 
      • Regardless of the selection process, all shift swaps must be approved by the Manager before they can be finalized
      • Click here for more information on Shift Swaps

      Be sure to check out our Employee Settings help document for additional setting features

      Need additional help?

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