When unexpected issues arise or when events occur that impact day to day operations, employees can report them to Management in real-time through the Busy Bunny app.  Events can vary from recording temperatures for refrigerated items to reporting issues like equipment failure.  Not only will employees and managers be able to report events, they will also have the ability to add comments and upload images to reported activity.  

The ability to report events in this way:
  • Improves team member communication and increases visibility of reported events
  • Minimizes confusion regarding next steps, which can be outlined within the incident details and comments
  • Allows management to address issues in real-time, thereby reducing disruption times to the business

This article will outline how to report and edit events.  

Report an Event

An event is an occurrence that impacts daily operations in some way, and they typically require some type of action to address.  

Events can be made visible to managers only or to all employees.  If reported events are made visible to the entire team, it allows for more effective communication regarding event related activities.

The following represent a few examples of possible event types:  

Kitchen MaintenanceDeep CleaningBuilding RepairsEmployee Notes
Safety Compliance AuditFood InspectionEquipment FailureCustomer Service Issue

To report an event:

  1. Select the event logs icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select the plus icon  to report an incident
  3. Enter a title (e.g. broken tile, leaky faucet, product issue, toppings unit temperature check, customer complaint, etc.)
  4. Enter event details
  5. Select who should see the event:

     (Visible to All)
    (Visible to Manager only)
  6. Select a store by clicking on the Store name
  7. Select the event date (default is set to current date)
  8. Set the event time (when the issue occurred or was discovered)
  9. Select Save

Edit an Event

You can edit reported events at any time.  Within a reported event you will also have the ability to add comments and/or modify event details. 

To edit an event:

  1. Select an event to view additional event details 
  2. To make edits to reported information:
    • Select the More Options icon 
    • Select Edit Event
    • Make desired changes
    • Select Save
  3. To add additional details to a reported event:
    • Select Add Event Comment to add additional details to the issue
      • Within comments you can choose to select Upload Image to add images to reported events
      • You must enter a comment for each image you upload
      • There are no limits to the number of comments that can be add or images that can be uploaded
    • Select Save

       Event Logs Interaction: 

    Saved changes will be reflected right away.

     From here you can select    to navigate back to the list of reported incidents or continue to add/modify event details.  

      User Permissions - Who can:  

    • Report an event - Managers / All Employees
    • Add comments to reported events -  Managers / All Employees 
    • Delete or edit reported events - Managers / Event owner (employee that reported the event)

    Need additional help?

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