Busy Bunny's dedicated employee app allows employees to communicate their availability so that the Manager is able to schedule accordingly. 

When employees submit their availability, they are telling you when they cannot work.  Instant notifications allow Managers to more efficiently manage team members' time based on when they can work.  

  While employees will be able to manage their availability through through the employee app, managers will also have the ability to enter and/or make edits to  employee availability through the manager app.

View Employee Availability 

Submitted employee availability will be reflected on the schedule.  Managers can view or edit submitted employee availability at any time. 

To view or edit employee availability:  

  1. Select more options  in the bottom navigation
  2. Select Unavailability
  3. Select desired date
  4. Any unavailability that has been submitted will be reflected on the screen
  5. To view or edit an employee's submitted unavailability, simply select the employee you wish to view or make changes for
    • Make your changes by clicking within the desired fields
    • You cannot change the date of submitted or set unavailability.  However, you can delete the submission by selecting more options  at the top navigation 
  6. Select Save

View Modes

There are different ways to view the employee unavailability to quickly access the necessary information.

  • List: This is will list the employees that are unavailable to work in chronological order in the period that is selected.
  • Month: This will highlight on the calendar when an employee is unable to work. Simply click on the day that's highlighted to view the details of the unavailability
  • Employee: This will show each employee's availability for each week. This is a great way to quickly see who's available to work on any given day when planning the week's schedule.

Entering Employee Availability

Managers will have the ability to manage employee availability within the Manager's app.  To manage availability for an employee:

1. Select the [+] icon at the top of the Unavailability screen 

2. Select the employee

3. Select All Day or Set time (to specify a start and end time)

4. Select Repeat to create a recurrence or leave it as None to create a singular instance

Repeat Availability

The repeat features allows a Manager to save time when scheduling team members that have a recurring availability.  An employee's availability can be set to repeat at specific times and/or days for an extended period of time.

Example 1:  Employee is unavailable from 9 am to 12 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in June, 2020

To create this recurrence:  

  • Select Repeat when entering unavailability
  • Repeat = 1 Week 
  • Select the day(s) of the week to apply =  M, W, F
  • Select start date = June 01, 2020
  • Select end date = June 31, 2020

Example 2:  Employees are unable to work all day, every two weeks on Fridays in June, 2020

  • Select Repeat when entering unavailability
  • Repeat = 2 Week 
  • Select the day(s) of the week to apply =  F
  • Repeat start: June 01, 2020
  • Repeated end: June 31, 2020

Need additional help?

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