Create any detailed or general task for your employees to confirm completion through the employee app.

Create a new Task

  1. Select + Add Task or the + icon at the top right navigation to create a new task
  2. Enter a task name
  3. Enter task details (optional)
  4. Assign it to a Category (optional)
    • Tasks can be organized into categories (e.g. Cleaning, Store Opening Procedure, Inventory, etc.)
  5. Select a store by clicking on the Store name
  6. Select date (current date will be displayed)
    • Multiple days (up to 10) may be selected for a recurring task.  
  7. Select deadline (Any Time or Set Time)
  8. Assign the task
    • Task assignments will be visible to ALL employees, even when assigned to specific team members. 
    • The default selection of None will mean that anyone can pick up the task to complete it.
  9. Click Save

Edit a Task

  1. Select an existing task
  2. Select the more options icon 
  3. Select Edit Task
  4. Make desired changes within the task
  5. Click Save

  How do I complete a task?  Click here to view additional information regarding task completion.