Task Management is a very powerful feature offered by Busy Bunny allowing you to create specific tasks, assign them and have your employees complete them through the employee app.

What makes the task management so efficient is how easy it is for you and your employees to collaborate and communicate through the solution. 

 Use the ability to upload a photo  to keep your employees accountable and have them show the completed work. This gives you the peace of mind that it's not just "done" but it's done RIGHT.

Some great examples of tasks:

  • Take temperature log
  • Restock shelf
  • Change POP
  • Make deposit
  • Sanitize guest area
  • etc.... Remember, it can be as specific or general as you want

Accessing Tasks

To access Tasks, select the task icon  within the bottom navigation

  Tasks can also be accessed via the Dashboard.  Click the pin icon  to navigate to a site's specific task list for that day.  

This is an example of a task to "Inventory" that is assigned () to Kara and due () on 2020/11/11

A completed task will indicated with a checkmark () showing who completed and when.

Filtering Tasks

  1. All (to do and finished) Pending (to do) / Done (finished)
  2. Task view defaults to current date.  Click the date to change
  3. Select the location icon  to filter tasks by site
  4. Completed tasks will be denoted with a checkmark  to the right of the task

  How do I complete a task?  Click here to view additional information regarding task completion.