Every work place has tasks that must be completed.  Tasks are specific jobs assigned by the manager.  They can be recurring based on the employee roles or on demand as the need arises.  

Task Management 

Busy Bunny's task management feature allows you to create tasks and track task activity through the app.  

What makes this feature so efficient is how easy it is for you and your employees to collaborate and communicate, in real-time, through the solution. 

The ability to add multiple details and upload photos keeps your employees accountable while giving them the ability to validate the work they have completed.  This gives a manager peace of mind that a task isn't just "done" but done "RIGHT". 

Getting Started

While you can immediately being creating and assigning tasks to your team, the following recommendations will save you time and bring additional efficiencies to your daily operations. 

Select a topic below for additional information: 

  1. Navigate to the store management settings within more options and select  Tasks
  2. Create Common Tasks - A common task is one that occurs frequently or on a regular basis
    • If there is a task that occurs more than once, we recommend creating it here and adding details to outline what you want done
    • You can even upload images to illustrate your expectations
  3. Create Task Categories - Task categories allow you to group the tasks you create
    • You can attach a category to any task you create; not just to common tasks 
  Common tasks and task categories can be modified at any time.  Click here for more information on how to Edit a Task.  

Task Management Features

There are a variety of ways to manage tasks within Busy Bunny Manager:

  1. You can create a task each time a job needs to be done; 
  2. You can create a categorized library of tasks  to save time when assigning them; or 
  3. You can use a combination of both, given that most businesses have a combination of recurring and non-recurring tasks

Task management features include the ability to:

  • Upload photos to illustrate how a task should be done, or to show completed work
  • Create a library of recurring/frequently occurring tasks 
  • Categorize tasks in your library for easy reference
  • Set due dates for task completion
  • Adjust task status if something needs to be readdressed 
  • Assign tasks to specific employees or for anyone working

Task Examples

Tasks can be as specific or general as you want, and there is no limit the number of tasks you can create.  Here are a few examples of common tasks and how they could be organized within your library:

Take temperature logOpening Duties
Stock toppings barOpening Duties
Install new POPMarketing
Sanitize guest areaOpening Duties
Sweep lobby floorOpening Duties
Record nightly deposit Finance
Restock bathroom suppliesClosing Duties
  Save yourself some time!  We recommend that you set up a Task Library for any recurring or frequently occurring tasks.  This will not only save you time when assigning tasks to your employees, but it also allows you to create detailed instructions that don't have to be reentered each time you want to assign it.  Click here for more information on creating a Task Library.  

Accessing Tasks

To access Tasks, select the task icon  within the bottom navigation.

  Tasks can also be accessed via the Dashboard.  Select the pin icon  to navigate to a site's specific task list for that day.  Note that you can only access task information this way if there are tasks assigned for that day.  

This is an example of a task called "Clean Bathroom" that is assigned  to Benji and due  on 09/16/2022.

A checkmark  will reflect a completed task and will include who completed the task and when they completed it.  Click on a completed task to view additional details.  

Filtering Tasks

Select a tab to filter tasks by type.  

  • All (to do and finished) Pending (to do) / Done (finished)
  • Task view defaults to current date.  Click the calendar icon  to change the date 
  • Select the location icon  to filter tasks by site
  • Completed tasks will be denoted with a checkmark  to the right of the task

  How do I complete a task?  Click here to view additional information regarding task completion.  

Need additional help?

Should you still have questions and/or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Phone:  818.303.4166 
Email:  support@skimcorp.com