When it comes to assigned work,  the ability to quickly identify things like pending task totals or totals for work that was completed late, allows a manager to gain insight and take action.

For example, a manager notices a large number of assigned tasks that have not been completed and are also now past due based on the deadlines that were set.  The Manager selects this total to view additional details and see that all past due tasks are assigned to the same employee. 

The ability to quickly identify a commonality here gives the Manager enough insight to generate next steps (e.g. following up with the employee in question) and take action, if necessary.  

Task Report

The task report provides task completion totals, by employee.  This information can be helpful in tracking employee progress throughout the day and/or to provide feedback during performance reviews.

Run the Task Report 

To run the task report:

  1. Select the more options icon  within the bottom navigation
  2. Select  Reports
  3. Select Task Report
  4. Select the calendar icon  to adjust the date range
  5. Select the export icon  to export the report to a csv file or to save it as a pdf
  6. Select the location pin icon   to filter the report by site 
  7. The report categorizes tasks by:

    • Pending
    • Past Due
    • Completed
  8. Drill down to view pending task totals, by employee or select any employee to view their task completion stats. 

Navigating the Report

  • Select an employee to view individual task stats based on Completed and Pending tasks
    • Completed On-Time - Task was completed by the specified due time
    • Completed Late - Task was completed but not done by the specified due time
    • Pending - Task is still due
    • Pending Late - Task is still due and now outside of the specified due time

    • Select Pending to view a breakdown of pending tasks totals, by employee

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